Demon Hunter - Self Titled Vinyl LP


The debut album on vinyl LP for the first time. 

Newly remastered for vinyl
20 page large format booklet 
Extensive liner notes by Ryan Clark 
Gold foil-stamped cover

Transparent Smoke Splatter (500) - 200 REMAIN
Tri-Color (500) - SOLD OUT 

Release Date: October 22, 2022 (Solid State Records) 
Produced and Engineered by Aaron Sprinkle 
Mixed by JR McNeely 
Mastered and remastered by Troy Glessner 
Album cover by Kris McCaddon 

01. Screams Of The Undead 
02. I Have Seen Where It Grows 
03. Infected 
04. My Throat Is An Open Grave 
05. Through The Black 
06. Turn Your Back And Run 
07. And The Sky Went Red 
08. As We Wept 
09. A Broken Upper Hand 
10. The Gauntlet